• Resolving disputes

    quickly, cost-effectively and expertly

  • Offering the best

    mediation service and support

  • Fixed fees

    straight forward and transparent

  • Accredited

    construction Solicitor & Barrister Mediators

  • Market leading administration & support

    helping you through the mediation journey


At MEDIATION FOR CONSTRUCTION AND INSURANCE (M4CI), we understand how powerful mediation can be in finding a resolution, avoiding costly court cases, adjudication or arbitration.

With a fixed fee structure, our priority is to offer a complete service provided by experienced solicitor and barrister accredited mediators supported by a professional administration team whose ultimate aim is to ensure mediation provides an effective resolution to any construction or insurance-based dispute.

What sets us apart is our approach

M4CI does not give legal advice to any of the parties involved. Instead, we use our knowledge and experience of construction and insurance, as well as the law, to rigorously test what each party is saying and ask why.
As mediators, we have helped contractors, sub-contractors, professionals, statutory authorities and homeowners (including those represented by insurers) resolve numerous construction disputes. 

If you are already in court, adjudication or arbitration proceedings, we offer mediation to those that want to attempt settlement. 

We are supported by our friendly, professional team of administrators who will support you throughout your mediation. 


  • How important it is for you to find a mediator that understands the sector within which you operate 
  • The importance of providing expert mediation and support services, making the process as efficient and effective as possible 
  • The need for you to find a mediation team you can trust, saving you time and money in finding a resolution 
  • Expert mediation and legal process, acting at all times with integrity 
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