Fees for Mediations in the UK


Mediator Fees 

We thought long and hard about how to fairly charge for our mediation service, giving our clients a simple way of understanding costs without compromising service.

So, our fees are based on the value of your dispute (and by that we mean the value of any sum that is claimed by one party plus the value of any sum which is counterclaimed by the other party).

We have a service for mediation of disputes with a value of £75,000 or less. We also have a service for disputes of a value up to £175,000. For disputes of a value between £175,001 and £1,000,000, we charge a higher fixed fee, as we also do for disputes between £1,000,001 and £2,000,000.

The fees are set out in the table below for a 2-party mediation and our administration team are ready to assist with fee quotes for disputes in excess of this in terms of the number of parties and the value of the amount in dispute.

We are transparent about our terms of appointment of our mediators which can be found here.
2 Party Mediation Fees 
Value of the dispute (that being the total value of the claim and counterclaim) Fixed fee (per party) (excluding VAT) Fixed fee (per party) (including VAT)
Up to £75,000 £750 £900
£75,001 to £175,000 £1,250 £1,500
£175,001 to £1M £1,750 £2,100
Over £1M to £2M £2,000 £2,400
Over £2M Please discuss this with our administration team Please discuss this with our administration team

What do our fees include?

Our fees are transparent. We charge an administration fee of £125 + VAT per party and then our expert mediators receive the rest of the fee. 

Included within our mediator’s fees in the table above are: 
  • 4 hours of preparation work by the mediator.
  • A confidential pre-mediation telephone call with the mediator (if required)
  • An 8-hour mediation day 
  • Our administration fees.

What do our fees not include?

Our fees do not include:
  • Additional time spent by the mediator.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses incurred by the mediator.
  • The cost of the venue or any expenses charged by the venue.
We explain more below.

Additional time spent by the mediator

Sometimes a mediator will have to spend more time on a dispute

Our fixed fees do not include fees for this additional time and our mediators will therefore 
charge additional fees if: 
  • They spend longer than 4 hours preparing e.g. reviewing papers and supporting information prior to the mediation day.
  • They spend longer than 8 hours at the mediation day itself. This may happen if at the end of the 8-hour period, the parties have not reached a settlement, but wish to continue trying to do so. 
  • They spend time after the mediation assisting the parties to reach a settlement. This may happen, for example, if the mediation is adjourned.
  • The time required to travel to and from the mediation will be unusually high. This will be discussed with the parties at the time of appointment if it arises.

Reasonable travel and
accommodation expenses

Our mediators travel. Our fixed fees include for reasonable travelling time.

Our fixed fees do not, however, include our mediator’s reasonable travel and accommodation expenses where required. We will notify you in advance of any expenses that may apply as this will depend on the venue of the mediation day.

Any agreed expenses will be payable before the mediation day.

Venue AND refreshments

You may wish to hold the mediation at your office or that of a representative. Alternatively, you may prefer us to assist in arranging a venue and refreshments.  

Either way, our administration team can organise a suitable venue and all you need on the day, with any expenses relating to a venue or refreshments payable before the mediation day.

Invoicing and payment of fees

It is the norm for mediator’s fees to be payable in advance of the mediation

We require our mediator’s fixed fee, as well as any agreed expenses to be paid before the mediation day takes place

Each party will receive an invoice from M4CI on confirmation of the mediator’s appointment which sets out:
  • The fixed fee payable by them.
  • The proportion of any expenses payable by them (which – unless agreed otherwise by the parties - will be 50% if there are two parties or one third if there are three parties).
Failure to pay the amount invoiced by 9am the day before the mediation will result in the mediation being postponed.

Any additional fees incurred with mediator time (as explained above) will be billed to the parties in equal shares and will be payable within 14 days.

Interest on unpaid fees and expenses will be charged at 5% above the Bank of England base rate and levied on a monthly basis.

UK VAT will be charged and is payable.

Our cancellation policy

Should either party need to cancel the mediation, please notify our administration team immediately 

Where the mediation is cancelled more than 7 days before the mediation day, the parties will be charged 50% of the mediation fee.

Where the mediation is cancelled less than 7 days before the mediation day, the parties will be charged 100% of the mediation fee.

More details of how costs or expenses are charged in the event of cancellation are explained here.

Should either party need to postpone the mediation, again please notify our administration team immediately. Where the mediation is postponed for a period of 28 days or less, there will be no cancellation charge unless M4CI have incurred expenses on your behalf. Any expenses incurred will be payable by the parties in equal shares.
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